• Freelance Songwriting Portfolio

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  • Services & Pricing

    Melody Writing: $150/song

    Lyric Writing: $150/song

    Lyrics & Melody: $250/song

    Lead Vocals: $100/song

    Arranging/Recording Harmonies: $80/song

    Lead Vocals Including Harmonies: $150/song

    Basic Production / Backing Tracks: $100/song

    Composing/Scoring**: $100 + $50 per minute of music

    Consultations/Feedback - Reach out for a custom offer.


    *Commercial Use: If you plan to sell the song or release commercially, I charge an extra $200 per song. I offer discounts as needed for small businesses, new/unsigned artists, or educational use. Please reach out for a custom offer!​


    **With your permission, I will distribute original scores to Spotify, Apple Music, and other platforms under the artist name "Ellynd," with cover art and a release date of your choice, for no additional cost.

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