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Handwriting Fonts

Recently, I used Calligraphr to create a font out of my own handwriting to use for marketing purposes. I filled out a template and uploaded it to their software, which allowed me to adjust the baselines, sizes, spacing, and other qualities of the letters (by themselves and in proportion to each other), to get a closer match to the way I actually write.

Although it was a bit tedious, I found it really satisfying and would love to help others make their own handwriting font! :) I also have a premium account, which gives me access to more features and characters. Just fill out their template and send it to me to hone & export, or simply get a clear photo of the handwriting, and make sure it includes all the characters you want to be able to type - including numbers, punctuation, and other symbols. Please note I don't offer cursive fonts for now, or Italics/Bold. Thanks!