• Music Credits :)

    in order of recency / how many songs they've worked on

    Cléo Stegner

    is the absolute love of my life, the co-founder of my company, and my inspiration. She also contributed backup vocals to "Tire"

    Jimmy Montague

    aka James Palko has been mixing/mastering my music since 2021! He played strings on "Scribbles" & "When to Run," keyboard on "Loveless", & guitar on "Tire." Also my reigning top artist on Spotify.

    John Stegner

    co-produced "Into Music," "Bath Time," "Good Kids Bad Kids," "Share a Home," & "Roots." Also my cousin!

    Evan Bode

    played piano on "Overture," helps with album sequencing, and added bells on "have yourself a merry little christmas." Also my brother!

    Ryan Bode

    is going to learn my songs on the piano so he can accompany me on tour! He's also my brother and my in-house hype man.

    Adrien Callahan

    played drums on "Lucidity," "Greedy," "Loveless," & "Tire."

    rowan colosky

    produced "From Your Room," "Both So Blue," & "Roots [Remix]"

    Emma Steen

    played guitar & bass on "Loveless"

    Ramita Arora

    played guitar on "Born," "Like a Leech," & "Where I Called Home"

    Lucia La Rezza

    played violin on "Entire Human," "Wait This Out," "Gratitude Journal," "Duck Encounter," "Crave," "No Choice," & "Quickly."

    Akil Augustus

    played bass on "Aboveground," "Pretty Sky," "Wait This Out," "Gratitude Journal," & "Crave."

    Deion Allen

    played drums on "Pretty Sky," "Wait This Out," "Gratitude Journal," & "Crave"

    Anastasia Bragina

    arranged & recorded piano for "Painting the Bathroom Green," "Nothing is Required," "Wait This Out," and "Measure My Worth"

    Andrej Prole

    played keyboard & strings on "Envy the Trees," "Magic," & "Zoetic"

    Christian Campos

    played guitar on "Face Value," "Everybody's Somewhere," & "No Choice"

    Artur Lenivenko

    played piano on "Duck Encounter"

    Marin Ishida

    co-produced "List of Faces," "Carousel," "Castles," & ""Rainbow She Made"

    Viktor Cikarovski

    played strings on "Your Head at Night"

    Kyle Tupper

    played drums on "Quickly" & "Sensitive Nature"

    James Garner

    played bass on "Sensitive Nature"

    Tanner Wallace

    co-produced "Rainbow She Made" with Marin

    Yasas Amarasinghe

    recorded piano for "Quickly"

    Logan Dougherty

    produced "Peach Tree"

    Rachel Solomon

    played piano on "A Code That'll Never Be Broken"

    Tom Mccluskey

    played cello on "A Code That'll Never Be Broken"

    Kanyon Dickerson

    played drums on "Good Kids Bad Kids"

    Tate Eubanks

    played guitar on "Good Kids Bad Kids"

    Marcel van Tetering

    produced "Barely There"

    Roberto Alaniz

    produced "Purple Door"

    Kate Brunotts

    produced "Gemini"

  • Art Credits :)

    in order of recency

    "Stargaze" [coming soon]

    "Roots [Remix]"

    by Ari Greene


    "only some of the roses are red"

    by Leonie Präsoll

    Show Flier 3/16/22

    "Measure My Worth"

    by Kate


    "No Choice"


    "Halloween" video

    "From Your Room"

    "Everybody's Somewhere"

    by Lee @Echoingwhispers

    "Demon in My Heart"


    "Barely There"

    "Operation Fix Me"

  • Projects & Teams

    Lyric Book Illustrators

    Natalie Palencia, Sydney Kysar, Ryan Bode, Nick Stapp, Lucy Ross, Brian Bode, Leo Stokes, Matt Manson, CocoaLeaf

    "Entire Human" Music Video

    performance by Summer Bode

    choreography by Kaitlyn Carson cinematography by Evan Bode

    edited by Mia Stegner & Evan Bode

    "Attention Please" Music Video

    [coming soon]

    "Envy" Music Video

    animated by moth cub

    backup vocals for "Aboveground"

    Cole, Delaney Katz, Ferin Bergen, Tilly Clegg, Freckleworks, lavender bat, Marin Ishida, Leo Stokes, Phoenix Rose, Evan Bode, Ryan Bode, John Stegner

    backup vocals for "Spinning"

    Bonnie, John, Ryan, Elea, Shana, Brian

  • Support Acts

    people who've opened for me / people I've played shows with!


    5/8/22 @ Amalgam

    courtlyn louise

    5/8/22 @ Amalgam

    Blue Foster

    5/8/22 @ Amalgam

    Jerome Walker

    5/7/22 @ The Green Room 42

    Mmakgosi Anita Tau

    5/6/22 @ Luna Cafe

  • Events / Special Thanks


    Boris & Horton, Luna Cafe, The Green Room 42, Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse

    Event Photographers

    3/16/22 Matias Kinkela @ Boris & Horton

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