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My next album comes out October 23!

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"Apples to Oranges, Dust to Dust" wrestles with the aftermath of broken trust, the effects of isolation, and a turbulent sense of self; it was written amidst grieving the end of a friendship, coming to terms with moving home due to the pandemic, and navigating an ADHD diagnosis. I truly poured my whole heart into these songs & I'm very excited to send them off into the world! 

You're probably thinking "OMG, how can we help you celebrate and get the word out?" Well, I'm glad you asked! Here is a fun checklist for the occasion. :)

  • Click the "pre-save" button above to be notified when the album drops!
  • Listen to the title track early & pre-order the album over on Bandcamp (since streaming platforms notoriously underpay artists, any and all support is greatly appreciated as always)!
  • Follow me on Twitch so you don't miss the album release fesitivities, including but not limited to a Q&A, live performances, adding some verified lyric annotations on Genius, and more. I will be posting a schedule of these events on my socials in the next week or so!
  • If you're in college, find one of those emails addressed to the entire student body and forward this newsletter to everyone (don't worry if u get in trouble I will send you a free sticker). This one is a joke (except for the free sticker part I would really send u a sticker I would never lie about that).
  • Keep an eye out for other fun stuff, including but not limited to my single "When to Run" coming October 1, Twitch events, and new music videos coming soon.
  • Buy yourself a new mug, T-shirt, sticker, phone case, magnet, or button from my merch store (linked above).
  • And finally, check out the album preview below and don't forget to share it with your friends, family, social media followers, neighbors, coworkers, coworkers' neighbors, neighbors' coworkers, doctor, acquaintances, exes, professors, professors' exes, exes' acquainances, therapist, current classmates, former classmaters, anyone out walking their dog, you get the gist.

Woohoo! And now because I have sillily been neglecting this newsletter, here's some more fun stuff you may have missed!

My lyric book is officially out in the world! 

In addition to including the lyrics of every song from Play through Scribbled Pleas on Yellowed Keys, it includes writing prompts to encourage creativity and self-reflection. 

You can order a copy from Lulu, Barnes & Noble, or Amazon - however, I recommend ordering a signed copy directly from me via Bandcamp because it is somehow both cheaper (depending on where you live) and I get more profit cuz I don't have to share! Another fantastic option is putting in a request at your local independent bookstore - if they use a service called Ingram, they should be able to order in a copy for you to buy from them.

And finally, if you prefer a digital version, you can also download the PDF version for just $4.

These pages are filled with ideas that have been personally compelling and helpful to me. I hope it can be thought-provoking, cathartic, and comforting to you as well. :) 

Huge shoutout to my talented team of illustrators Sydney, Nick, Ryan, Natalie, Lucy, Evan, Matt, CocoaLeaf, Leo, & Brian!

Need some pretty colors to distract from impending doom? 

Check out the music video for "Pretty Sky" - filmed, directed, and edited by my talented older brother Evan Bode, with additional filming and assistance from my little brother Ryan! We truly had so much fun creating this and I hope you absorb some of that fun whilst watching. :)

The music video for "Entire Human" is also out now, featuring a dance performed by my cousin Summer Bode and choreographed by her friend Kaitlyn Carson! These two are so incredibly talented & I'm immensely grateful to them for bringing this song to life. 

I've also created a Discord server for announcements, demos, chatting, pet photos, music recs, early sneak peeks, and more - kind of like this email list, but a bit more informal & interactive. :) It's a pretty fun time & anyone is welcome! 🤓💕


♥ Mia

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