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Note: I have transitioned from an email list to a blog, which you subscribe to below and leave comments on. :)

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A bit about me: I'm a college student, writer, and singer-songwriter. I adore songwriting, because it combines music and storytelling, which are two of my favorite things. My dream job would be writing music & lyrics for a musical television show (i.e. "Steven Universe," "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend"), but I also love writing songs that are more personal.

A bit about my music: I started writing songs when I was in middle school, and I started sharing them when I was in high school. People have described my music as "quaintly expressive," witty, & sincere. I write a lot about mental health and what it feels like to be a human; I also write about random other things like ducks or cellphones or kids on scooters chasing a butterfly. I've released a handful of albums on streaming platforms; you can read more about each of them on bandcamp, which is also linked at the bottom of this email.

A bit about these emails: I decided to start an email list in October 2020. I'm pretty active on social media, but I figured this would be a nice way to send occasional updates and announcements in a more substantial, consistent, and consolidated way. 

You can expect monthly musings about my music-making process, as well as occasional announcements whenever something particularly exciting happens, like an album release. You can always unsubscribe with the link below, or reply to these messages to update your email address. Feel free to also reply with questions, thoughts, compliments, jokes, or musings of your own!  

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