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Happy November!

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Hello everybody! 

On a whim last week I decided to release a song early, due to its slight Halloween vibes. 

It's called "Quiet Chaos," and I wrote it back in August. I've been told by multiple people that it sounds like the opening number to a musical which is very cool. Shoutout to Jimmy Montague for mixing & mastering! 

Go find it wherever you listen to music, stream it a bunch of times, and tell all your friends & family & coworkers & neighbors & acquaintances.

Between online classes, tending to my rats, and stressing about the future of our world, I've been doing lots of music making these past few months. I have tentatively settled on releasing my next chunk of music (aka "album") sometime in January. :) 

I'll be releasing two singles ahead of time: "Quiet Chaos," which is out now, and “Scribbles,” coming later.​​ "Scribbles" is a song about how I visualize my brain working, especially in moments when I'm overwhelmed or my thoughts are spiraling. It's a song about thoughts about thinking. It's one of my favorites of everything I've written, which is also why it was very exciting when it resonated with a much wider audience than my music usually finds, thanks to TikTok.​​ 

Shoutout to those of you who are here from that TikTok! A lot of people were saying "when will this be on Spotify," "remind me when this goes on Spotify," etc. and that is what inspired me to finally create an email list which I have been trying to get myself to do for a long time. Would it have been nice if all 60,000 viewers of that impromptu TikTok video saw my comment about the email list and joined my email list? Yes. Did they? Of course not. But did a handful of you? Yes, and you guys are the real MVPs.​​ 

So that is the update! In summary: I'm now offering songwriting lessons. Quiet Chaos is out now. Scribbles will be out soon. My next album will be out in early January. Tell your friends and families about my email list.


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