December 2021

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Hi! Lots of cool updates!! 

Read my interview with Stereo Stickman!

I had the opportunity to chat with Rebecca Cullen of Stereo Stickman about my songwriting process, the inspiration behind my latest album, release cycles, performing live, having a presence online, & more! Read our conversation here. :) 

Become a Patron!

If you like what I do and you've got a little disposable income to spare, consider throwing me a few dollars (or more, I won't stop you!) on a monthly basis via Patreon! Your support truly adds up and makes a huge difference. Patreon contributions will go directly to my next album budget, and also to the creation of Rabbits Under the Shed 2. Check out the tiers and perks here: 

Songwriting Club

One of the Patreon tiers is membership to an exclusive Songwriting Club! For just $5/month, you'll get access to weekly lesson posts, songwriting exercises, and a private community of aspiring songwriters! It'll be a place to learn, grow, share what you're working on, and get feedback from me & each other. :) I'm very excited! 

Each "lesson" (recycled from when I taught songwriting lessons online last summer) will consist of written information as well as instructions for an activity/exercise. The ideas and material comes from personal experience, other songwriters, and Lyric Writing courses from Berklee Online. 

In between those posts, I'll also be available to listen to your work and answer any follow-up questions you have! Eventually, I hope to also organize live workshops or collaboration opportunities. Whether you're brand new to songwriting or you've been doing it for years, you're more than welcome to join us!  

Covers Uncovered

Another Patreon tier, just $4/month - gain immediate access to my old YouTube covers from middle and high school, and get early access to new cover songs (I aim to record them weekly or biweekly in the new year)! 

Missed Apples to Oranges, Dust to Dust live? No worries!

The live versions of the songs are out everywhere now! On Bandcamp, you can also listen to my in-between ramblings from the album release day livestream. Purchasing on Bandcamp also comes with a PDF of chords and lyrics for all the songs, and piano music for When to Run.

My cat & I started a music licensing + creative services company! If you do any music/art/film-related work, keep reading to learn more about how you can support us and be supported by us! 

🎶 Musicians & Bands

Submit your music to our library for non-exclusive sync representation & pitching for film, TV, and advertisement opportunities with no upfront costs. 

🎥 Filmmakers & Music Supervisors

Browse our growing music library of primarily independent, undiscovered indie artists! Bookmark our page as a resource to find and license great music for your next project! 

✏️ Freelancers

If you have music/art/film-related services to offer, apply to join the collective and be listed on our website for hire! In addition to being featured on our website and instagram, you’d be introduced on our Instagram page & invited to our Discord server. 

💕 Music & Art Fans

Follow us on socials @cleoscltv, bookmark our website (, browse our catalog of independent freelancers for hire, and help us out by passing along our info to anyone who might be interested! 


There's some fantastic new fan art and designs from my lyric book up on Threadless! Check it out here: 

Here's to a great year ahead!!

♥ Mia


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