December 2020 Newsletter

I only see scribbles 💕

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Hello everybody! I hope you’re all having a nice holiday season & looking forward to the new year. :) A few quick music updates:

1. “Scribbles” comes out January 7, 2021. I'm really excited about this one. :) Click here to pre-save it on Spotify!

2. I gave my website a makeover! Very exciting!

3. Last month, my song “Very Next Day” won the weekly “Stuck at Home” contest run by the John Lennon Songwriting Contest. A couple weeks ago, I was interviewed by JLSC founder Brian Rothschild and played the song on their Instagram live show (@lennonbus). The video is still up if you wanna check it out!

4. “Quiet Chaos” was selected for the 2020 Hidden Lantern Arts Festival, a student organization “dedicated to ending the stigma surrounding mental illness and starting conversations about mental health through the healing power of artistic expression.” The festival was live on December 19, and it was followed by a Q&A with the artists, which I’m told will be posted on their YouTube channel at some point in the future!

5. Tinderbox Music (a music promotions company whose past clients most notably include Lizzo, Twenty One Pilots, & Ingrid Michaelson!) has expressed interest in working with me on my next album release. This involves radio promotion, a bit of Spotify promotion, and eventually sync licensing (meaning seeking TV & film placements for my music!). After a few phone calls with their team, I’ve decided to move forward with them. This is super exciting, but not something I had budgeted for. So, I wanted to give my Ko-Fi link a nod. Absolutely no pressure, but if you throw a few bucks my way and reply to this email letting me know, I’ll send you a song early!

Here’s to a better year ahead!



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