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Lyric Book & Rabbits Update

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The biggest piece of news I have to share is that my lyric book, “Scribbled Pleas,” is now available for pre-order on Bandcamp and will be out mid/late May! It’s essentially a poetry book of all my songs, plus art and writing prompts intended to inspire creativity & self-reflection. 

The books are $13 each + shipping, or you can download a PDF version for just $4.

I’m also giving away one free copy! The giveaway is being hosted through Instagram. Lastly, I’m putting together a team of doodlers to help me sprinkle the pages with art, and anyone is welcome! If you’re interested in contributing, reply to this email letting me know & I’ll share our spreadsheet with you!

I also wanted to share a quick update on Rabbits Under the Shed. 

Our festival run is going better than we could've imagined! To start, the show won “Best Animation Film” at Golden Bee International Children’s Film Festival.

At the Imagine Rain Independent Film Awards, it was the Grand Jury Prize Winner for "Best Animation Short" & "Best Children/Family Friendly Short,” with an Honorable Mention in the category "Best Original Story.” It was also selected for the Vesuvius International Monthly Film Fest, Northeast Mountain Film Festival, and Festival du film d'animation d’Abidjan. It’s currently a finalist or semi-finalist for London Indie Short Festival of 24 Frames, Berlin Shorts Award, and Toronto Independent Festival of CIFT.

It was also a short film nominee for Shorted.com. And finally, the team was nominated for two EVVY Awards (the largest student-run multi-camera live award show in the nation, through Emerson College), in the categories "Outstanding Narrative Television" & "Outstanding Writing for Television.” The EVVYs will be live-streamed on May 7 at 7pm EDT.

Another piece of news is that I have finished college! Very weird! Congrats to me!

I'd love to hear from some of you - feel free to reply to this email with how you're doing and what you're up to. :)


Mia ♥

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